Day One

I fully intended to spend day one photographing the world creating that “visual nirvana” I referenced in my “The why of it”. Instead, I spent the entire day fussing over fonts, formats and colors for this blog that I will probably change at least 100 times over the next year. Insert big exhaustive sigh, but I did capture a photo, the point of this whole thing.  It’s of my husband five days post-surgery enjoying his hobby.  I like that I completely missed the point of the moment, which was to capture his joy at finally feeling well enough to sit up and tie a few sails.  I bossed him around (I mean I actually made him hold his breath so there would be zero movement during the shot), cussed at myself for not “getting the shot” and then got pissed when I realized I somehow changed the format from RAW to JPEG.  So for tonight I simply shake my head, post my photo and retire to bed.  Tomorrow will be a new day in which to capture my world…

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