Day Two

Day Two, the good

The moon this morning was really rather amazing, and I was lucky enough to have company when I ventured out on my quest for the day’s pic. Post surgery sleep has been elusive for my hubby, so we were both up and about nice and early. Since we were up, I bribed Dave with breakfast at McDonald’s if he would come with on my morning shoot, and he was happy to oblige (he’s a cheap date).  I had scouted out a place called Flatirons Vista just outside of Boulder.  If you’re a local or ever in the area it’s lovely and is located where Hwy 93 and Hwy 128 intersect.

It was damn cold and the moon was quickly setting pre-dawn, but it was incredible.  Thank god I brought Dave with me.  He fussed with the day pass fee tag while I raced the moon like a maniac blazing off trail, my camera slung over my shoulder flapping as I ran while I simultaneously yanked the legs out on my tripod.  It was an amazing shot, I mean, really, I haven’t seen a moon setting like that in years.

I’m trying to get comfortable using Aperture Priority Mode (Av) so I turned the ISO way down to make it nice and crisp, used a 22 fstop to make sure the entire shot was in focus, I even used my remote clicker to avoid any shake.  Man on that 3 inch view finder on the back of the camera that shot was primo.  I took over 50 of those primo shots tweaking the settings in a variety of ways.  I continued snapping pics well after the moon had set.  When we were good and frozen and I could no longer move my fingers (I need to research some appropriate and toasty hand wear) we drove to McD’s for the Big Breakfast (ew.) and I basked in the glow of the rising sun, proud of what I thought I had captured.

I’ll post what I captured but I’ll start the post with a cool pic I grabbed once the moon was out of view, I mean I like it and it’s fine, but it’s dime a dozen and nothing all that special. I’ll also include an example of the “primo” shot, which you will notice has nothing that even slightly resembles a moon.  I suppose today will include research on how to photograph the moon correctly….