Day Three

Moment of panic experienced this morning at 4:53am…What the hell will I photograph for the next 363 days?

I have asked myself that very question many times over the last few days, but I’m lucky to have access to Pinterest and lots of friends and family who have already offered several inspiring ideas and cool suggestions!

I decided on a self-portrait for today, but after 2 hours on my bike I really didn’t look glamorous so I improvised.

I used my Canon 6D in Av Mode, ISO 100, Aperture f1.8 using my 50mm lens for nice background blurring.  The camera I’m holding is an 1895 Cycle Poco made by the Rochester Camera Mfg Company.  It was designed for cyclists and is constructed of a solid mahogany box dovetailed and highly polished.  It’s covered with red grain leather and has a distinctive tripod socket for mounting on bicycles.  I love that camera and I really like this shot.

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