Day Four

Day Four

“Over-planning kills the magic…” Danielle LaPorte

I had plans today.

Head to Union Station with my husband to try my hand at some street Photography.
Capture Day Four shot.
Meet Mom & Dad for Lunch at Acorn.
Devour some grilled steak on quinoa.
Head home, view photos, love photos, post photo.
The End.

The Universe had other plans…
Yesterday, a crane fell onto the parking structure adjacent to Acorn (I couldn’t make that up) damaging the roof, forcing them to close for today. The restaurant (which is delicious) was kind enough to call my Father and let him know they would need to cancel his reservation. The revised plan was to meet at our house and then head out for a bite. Ok, change of plans.

Clean post-surgery messy house.
Choose non-chain local restaurant.
Drive to restaurant.
Wait at restaurant (I don’t wait well).
Drive to another restaurant.
Eat. Laugh. Enjoy a tasty lamb burger. Laugh more.

Now about that photo…
I could tell my husband was starting to wear out from his first trip out and about post-surgery, and I was pretty sure a trip to Union Station for photos was out of the question (and selfish).  Instead, I thought maybe it would be a good time to see if we could scope out a photo-op of some horses near our old apartment in Broomfield. I figured if it didn’t pan out I could head to Boulder later on my own and maybe hit Pearl Street Mall for a shot. We headed over to see if we could get close enough, ended up hopping a fence, crossing a railroad track and mucking through mountains of weeds (we did not trespass, that’s just rude) but I got up close and personal with some gorgeous mares.

I know absolutely nothing about horses other than that I think they may hands down be the coolest animals on the planet. I was really bummed when I realized I didn’t have a piece for my tripod that I needed, but I proceeded to start playing around with the settings on my camera, I switched lenses a few times and got a few really neat shots (turns out, not having the tripod freed me up to be more mobile). One horse in particular caught my eye and she seemed to be watching me so I walked her way and crouched down poking my camera lens through the fence to see if I could capture her face from a different angle. Much to my surprise, she walked right up to me, promptly stuck her nose in my lens, let me pet her head, her mane and chewed on my hoodie when I stopped. I stopped taking pictures, I laughed, said goofy things to her, laughed more and I let myself really enjoy that moment. I put my camera up for one last shot and found the ideal day four shot. You know I have no idea what the settings were for this shot and I don’t know that I care. I mean, do you?
Just look at that face.

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