Day Five


I’m exhausted, the good kind of tired, but exhausted just the same.  Being off work is hard work…

Lucky me as today was “Tessa & Aunty Day”!   Even more luck in that the day was filled with all of the people I love most in life.  It began with cartoons (what!? frankly the news anymore just makes me feel sad) and fresh blueberry muffins with Dave, then it was time with Amy & Tessa at Tessa’s school Halloween party.  Next, Tessa and I headed for playtime and lunch with Granny & Papa.  Exhausted and happy, we headed back to Tessa’s house to meet her new puppy and I was even lucky enough to convince my sister to let me grab her picture.  At the end of a day, and with immense gratitude, I chose her photo to post.  Whether she knows it or not, she has made the biggest positive impact in my life and if I could be like anyone in the entire world I would want to be just like her….

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