Day Eight


I either ate too much Halloween candy yesterday or I’m getting really old really quick, because I was up before 4:00am today.  Since I couldn’t sleep I researched how to sell any decent photos I create to online stock photography sites and also tried to come up with ideas for the photo of the day.

For today’s photo I chose to take on Reflection Photography; it’s the art or technique of using reflective surfaces to capture beautiful and unique images. Common surfaces used for reflective photography are bodies of water, windows, and mirrors.

I decided to use water for my reflective surface, and I already had my spot selected.  Now you would think that someone getting up at the 4 o’clock hour could certainly get out of the house for a pre-dawn shot, but alas, I was bested by a heating blanket and fresh coffee.  The photo had to wait.

I got to the spot at 4:45pm this afternoon and the lighting was great, the color was really really nice, unfortunately the water was pretty unsettled.  Each time I thought the breeze was going to calm down it would kick back-up.  If it wasn’t the breeze it was the damn frogs jumping around rippling my water.

Being a perfectionist is exhausting.

I took this photo in the Rock Creek neighborhood of Superior, CO using my Canon 6D, EF 24-105 mm 1:4 L IS USM Lens.  I set my dial to Av, Aperture f16, ISO 400.  I did edit the photo (mostly sharpening and lightening to highlight the reflective effect), but most importantly I learned, at least in Colorado, that Reflective Photography is really a morning thing when the air is more likely to be calm….

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