Day Twelve

Day Twelve

A very large part of the reason I abandoned Corporate America, and also a big part of why I am taking on this challenge for myself, is that I need to let go of what I call the “should be’s”.  You know, I “should be” making more money at 43, I “should be” in a bigger job by now, I “should be” happier, thinner, prettier, it goes on and on if I allow it.

Today I woke up and the first thing I said out loud was I “should be” out grabbing a photo right now.  In the past, I would have begrudgingly pushed myself towards the door, falling victim to my “should be’s”, but today I made a different choice for myself.  Instead, I sought to find a whimsical idea for my photo; something without substance or depth or any deeper meaning.  I wanted to create something that would make me sit back and say nothing more than, “well that’s cool.”

So here it is….Water droplet photography.  It’s tricky to set up, but it’s nothing more than water dripping from a faucet, the colors you see are reflections from a small towel.

To capture this image I used my Canon 6D and Canon MACRO Lens EF100mm 1:2.8 USM set to MF.  I set the dial to Av, ISO 400, and Aperture f5.6.  I had great natural light, but I found the shot was even better using my TT560 SPEEDLITE flash.

“Do things that feed your soul, not your ego and you will be happy.” anonymous


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