Day Thirteen


Today we stayed in to give Dave a chance to rest and relax after his first week back at work post surgery.  I couldn’t believe what a difficult time I had feeling inspired.  I mean really, really, really difficult, and with far too much confidence I figured I would just work to improve on the “skills” I picked up from yesterday.

I call today water droplet photography part two (worse than part one but most sequels are, right?).  I tried using milk this time.  I had to try for a very, very, very long time to get a handful of decent shots.  Oh and Dave, don’t plan on cereal for breakfast tomorrow morning, I used the entire carton to get this one picture…

For the shot I used my Canon 6D and Canon MACRO Lens EF100mm 1:2.8 USM set to MF.  I set the dial to Av, ISO 200 (to reduce the noise), and Aperture f5.6.  I took today’s shot later on in the day than yesterday’s and the light created really annoying shadows.  I had to use my TT560 SPEEDLITE flash but still ended up with some shadowing.

I will try this again because I think it’s interesting and it’s a really fun project (no milk next time).

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