Day Twenty


My family and I moved to Colorado back in the early eighties, my Dad was transferred and we settled into a neighborhood in South Denver.  When we first arrived I couldn’t stand Colorado, I hated the wind, I hated the brown, I hated the schools…I was nine and everything that wasn’t familiar was met with disdain.  As the years passed, I slowly found Colorado to be less and less awful and I even took to liking the Mountains and the views.

I’ve been fortunate enough to live up and down the front range and that has given me the opportunity to have a variety of Mountain views.  Our current location, just outside of Boulder, is probably my favorite location of all the places I’ve lived in this state.  Each day we’re greeted with views of the flatirons and of Longs Peak.  I don’t know what it is about that particular Peak that draws in me in, but I literally could stare at it day and night.  I’ve made one attempt at a summit, but was thwarted by menacing skies and the threat of lightning.

I don’t intend to live in Colorado forever, I find it dry and over-populated, but I do know that before I leave this state I will summit that Peak.  I also know that I will take many more photographs of Longs…(if you’re unfamiliar it’s the peak to the right in this photo, elevation 14,259′).

This picture was taken right at dusk about a quarter mile from our house on a brand new trail with my Canon 6D, set to Manual, Shutter Speed 1/13, Aperture f22, ISO 640.

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