Day Twenty-three


Hooray for me that the storm completely missed our side of town! I took full advantage of the opportunity to get out and about today. While driving to grab a printer cartridge, a reflection in a small pond (off of 104th near Sheridan) caught my eye so I pulled over. I spent over an hour trudging around in the sloppy mud trying to nab a sweet shot. The lighting was terrible, but I did the best I could and the experience was solid!

Bonus, I nailed the interview that required me to go grab the printer cartridge in the first place (must always have copies of resume on hand)!

Shot with my EF 24-105 mm 1:4 L IS USM Lens on my Canon 6D set to Manual, Shutter Speed 1/15, Aperture f22, ISO 160 (tripod required)

“Trust the timing of your life.” unknown

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