Day Twenty-Five


I’ll tell you why I have fallen in love with Street Photography. The technical aspect of the photo, while still important, isn’t the primary focus.  Street Photography feels like a form of self-expression.  I love the emotion a photo can spark, the memories of times past, ideas, notions of stories…

Telling a story is what draws me to photograph regular people out and about living their lives. I suppose I might find people the most fascinating of all potential subjects. Right now I find myself drawn to the homeless population. Usually ignored, often persecuted, this population is full of beautiful souls, interesting stories and journeys and funny personalities. Maybe I am able to connect with these folks so quickly and easily because I have experience in that realm, having nothing, maybe because I know too much about suffering and loneliness. I believe a part of my journey in this life is to share my heart and soul with others, others who are often overlooked.

This photo is of a homeless couple’s very sweet, very timid pup (They graciously allowed me to take the photo as they munched on a few snicker bars I brought along for payment).

Captured with a 50mm lens on my Canon 6D set to AV, ISO 100, f9 taken free-hand

“Empathy is a skill like any other human skill. If you get a chance to practice, you can get better at it.” Professor Simon Baron Cohen

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