Day Twenty-Six


With a full belly and a sense of anticipation, I stopped off at a downtown skate park on my way home from lunch with my folks, hoping to catch my picture for the day.  I was pretty disappointed when I realized I left the lens I wanted on the kitchen counter, but I decided to just try and do the best I could. I was pleased with some of the shots and headed back to my car to warm up and take a quick peek.  Much to my dismay, all of the images were just a touch off; either they were just a bit out of focus or not quite straight…

I definitely wasn’t satisfied, but I really needed to warm up, so I cranked the heat up and drove the short drive to Confluence Park and wandered around hoping something or someone would catch my eye.  I was snapping some pictures of the architectural lines on a few bridges when “Eddie” asked me what I was doing.  I assessed him pretty quickly and decided I didn’t think he was threatening, at all. Eddie is mentally disabled and homeless, I don’t know what his disability is, but Eddie proceeded to tell me all the details of his day…I decided to ask him if I could take his photo for $1.

He graciously agreed and proceeded to place himself directly in front of the camera and smiled a big beautiful grin.  I certainly wasn’t going to say “act natural please, the shot is better”. His pure joy had me snapping away immediately.  While I did, he provided us with entertainment by telling a slew of terrible, but clean, knock knock jokes.  After several minutes of this, he abruptly stopped mid-joke and said “miss, um your lips are kind of blue, you should go warm yourself.”  Even better, as I walked away he yelled, “if you ever make it on the cover of rolling stone don’t forget about me.”

Eddie, as cheesy as this is, I couldn’t forget you if I tried.

Shot with my Canon 6D, using a 50mm lens, with the dial set to AV, ISO 400, f11

“Be the type of person you want to meet.” unknown

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