Day Twenty-Nine



I am completely in love with my new camera, as in, I really don’t want anyone else to touch it, get too close while I’m shooting, and just to be safe, please go over there if you’re eating or drinking anything, you’re making me nervous…I now feel that way about my old 60D camera too.  It was placed back into my hands this morning by the awesome technicians at Englewood Camera, fully functioning and without a charge. (Um, apparently it just needed a reset!)

The great part about having the 60D back is that it’s lighter and smaller (so are the lenses) than my Canon 6D.  The 6D is a total badass beast with a full frame sensor.  That means it can provide more options when it comes to wide angle work, it produces less noisy images at higher ISOs and my personal favorite, it can accomplish more shallow apparent depth of field than a crop sensor. For me, having both is ideal, now I can have one set on the tripod and the other in my hands…

This shot was captured in Wash Park looking SW, from the Southern side of the park (I HAD to stop for a pic on the way home).  No time to write, I’m off to shoot again!

Taken on my 60D with an old Tamron 28-80mm lens that I picked up used for $45

“In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.”  Sid Caesar

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