The plan for today was to practice a little Macro work with snowflakes.  I have been reading up on how to properly capture all of winter’s beauty and how to keep my camera safe while snapping photos in really cold temperatures, but what really interested me was the prospect of being able to photograph individual snowflakes.  Alas, no snow yet today, despite the forecast for it (they have to be freshly fallen flakes to capture the individual crystalline texture).

I could complain about the fact that the snow has fallen almost every day since Wednesday, putting a damper on outdoor activities and proving irritating to drive around in during the long weekend, but instead I chose to snap a Macro photo of my beautiful chocolate diamond ring.  It’s not a snowflake but hey, I had to improvise in the fleeting daylight….I really don’t love it, at all (the photo, I friggin adore the ring) but tomorrow is another day with another chance for a great shot….

Shot with my Canon 6D Macro Lens on a tripod in full light with flash against a felt background.

“We have tomorrows for a reason.” unknown

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