Day Thirty-Seven


I will admit that I have days where inspiration is elusive and unique ideas just don’t come.  I briefly considered using a photo from a few days ago, but figured that would be defeating the entire purpose of this project (and in a way it would be cheating).  Instead, I searched for ideas of what to do when tackling a 365 project; surely I couldn’t be the only person who had days where the washed out grey sky and howling winds forced you indoors yet again.

While looking I was pleasantly surprised to find multiple lists of ideas and suggestions for photos.  For today I was drawn to re-creation.  Essentially, it’s taking a photo that someone else has created and trying to re-create the lighting, emotion and composition of the photo.  It’s an interesting challenge that I will probably tackle again.

I love that the artist was able to successfully use an inanimate object to create human-like qualities and evoke empathy.  I’m not so sure I succeeded in re-creating those qualities, but I enjoyed the challenge.  The hardest part was bending the safety pins (lots of holes in my fingers today and there are no usable safety pins left in our home).

Captured on my Canon 6D with my Canon MACRO Lens EF 100mm 1:2.8 USM set to MF.  Natural light was tough with the grey skies so I used my TT560 SPEEDLITE flash.

“Art evokes emotion.  It doesn’t have to be a thing of beauty.”  Eli Broad

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