Day Thirty-Eight


The sun was out today, out for the first time in far too many days, and I definitely wanted an outdoor shot. I also wanted to tackle something that I have never done before. I read multiple tutorials on how to photograph bubbles, what settings work best, when to shoot and I headed outside to see what I could capture.

Two and half hours and over 1000 photos later, I captured four usable photos. I really like the photos (the four decent ones) and I love the reflection of the tree in the bubble, but I will say that I swore, a lot. Because of that, I will post my settings and a quote that makes me smile as I am done.  Jesus, who knew bubbles could be so damn frustrating, beautiful, but frustrating.

Taken with my Canon 6D using a Macro lens, settings on Manual 1/200, f5.6, and ISO 300 with flash and remote clicker on a tripod

“In a moment of pure frustration today, I came to the conclusion that there is no angry was to say ‘bubbles’…” anonymous

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