Day Forty


I’ve been busy interviewing for various part-time jobs as I make my transition away from corporate life.  In my morning interview today the interviewer asked me what my five year plan looks like.  I had nothing.  I always have a plan, I always know what’s next, I always have a strategy, but right now I’ve got nothing.  I didn’t exactly say that, but I was pretty honest with her and I think she appreciated my honesty, or she thought I was nuts, either way I have an in-person interview next week.

I guess I share that tidbit because my daily photos for my 365 project are very much in line with my five year plan.  I’ve got nothing.  I wake up, have some coffee and eventually feel inspired or drawn to one sort of photo or the other.  I picked up some flowers earlier this week and they’re bright and bold so they are today’s subject.

Taken on my Canon 6D set to manual, ss 1/13, f4, ISO 160 with my Macro 100mm lens inside to avoid the harsh outdoor lighting  (I did use a tripod and remote clicker)

“The beauty of life is in each precious moment – Stop and smell the roses.” unknown

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