I have this crazy notion that I belong in a different time and place.  I love old movies, old music, old photos and customs, I’m drawn to antiques.  I’ve always felt it and I’ve always felt a pull towards others who feel that same way.  I suppose you either get it or you think I’m nuts.

I was in Boulder today for an interview, and after I decided to go for a drive in search of my pic of the day. I parked North of Pearl St Mall and wandered a bit up and down some of the streets until I saw this hat shop. I didn’t go in, but instead sat out front watching folks wander in and out. I was mesmerized, I don’t know why, I get that it’s just a hat shop, but it felt like it could have been straight from the 1890’s and so I snapped a pic and went on my way. I’ll go back again, camera in tow, I have to take a picture of someone wearing one of those hats…

Snapped on my Canon 6D with 35mm lens set to shutter speed 1/30, f9, ISO 200 free hand

“I’m just a vintage soul.” unknown

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