Day Forty-Seven


Growing up I was pretty shy and insecure, and I had a very difficult time getting to know people and it was virtually impossible to get close to me.  As I’ve matured (ok, aged) I have found peace with who I am, I’m confident and outgoing and I love to connect with people. It’s something that comes very easily now and I really enjoy striking up random conversations at whim. I find that piece of my personality is even more enhanced or pronounced when I have a camera in my hand…I pick a camera up and suddenly I feel a need to talk to absolutely everyone I take a picture of, I want to know about their life, struggles, and their story.  Perhaps it’s because I’m comfortable and accustomed to people sharing their intimate life details with me and I with them, stranger or friend.  I don’t know, but I warm up quickly to people and they, in kind, to me.

I packed my portrait lens when I left the house this morning. I knew I was already going to be in downtown adjacent to some of the best people watching in Denver so it seemed the right choice. Dave and I met a dear friend for a divine lunch at the Brown Palace, with the holiday decorations and jovial atmosphere none wanted to leave, but life had to continue, so eventually we all parted ways. Dave and Erin headed off to work, and I headed over to 16th Street Mall to wander and people watch.

I love my city, and Denver has a great vibe. Over the summer The Downtown Denver Partnership rolled out about a dozen upright pianos placing them every few blocks along the mall’s 16-block span. They’re all painted with bright, playful colors and natural motifs by local artists, the pianos (nine of which are active) invite anyone to approach, sit down and play.

Today I was fortunate enough to hear three different artists play at three different pianos, and all were really fantastic and musically very gifted, but this particular gentleman caught my eye and ears. I tipped my camera in hopes I would get a nod of approval and he obliged my request for a photo. To say he was talented would be like saying chocolate is “just ok”.  He was clearly professionally trained, or gifted, or both, and clearly brilliant…

Shot using a 50mm lens on my Canon 60D, settings on Manual with a Shutter Speed of 1/60, Aperture f2.8, and ISO 160.

“Do not judge by appearances; a rich heart may be under a poor coat.” unknown

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