Day Fifty



Smoke Photography?  Is that really even a thing?  Turns out, it is.

I enjoy a challenge so I thought I would try something new today despite knowing that I didn’t have all of the recommended equipment. I’ve seen this type of shot on several photography forums and other folk’s blogs so thought I would give it a whirl. I read that incense works best so I grabbed a pack from Walgreens and got to work.

Note to self – incense doesn’t smell as good as I remember…

Note to spouse – our house smells like a college dorm only I’m sure it’s worse as I bought the cheapest incense I could find (being thrifty) and I thought burning more than 1 stick at a time would be better (it’s not).

Taken on my Canon 6D with Macro lens and far, far, far too much effort for the grainy result (I may try this again when I have the right equipment and someone else volunteers their home up for use). I was underwhelmed with the original image so I added some color during processing…still just “meh”

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.” unknown

3 thoughts on “Day Fifty

    1. ThePhotoEnthusiast

      Many Thanks, I don’t have a remote trigger flash so I used my TT560 Speedlite flash mounted on the camera – it was pointed up and I held a reflector above to bounce the light. I actually set up in a completely dark bathroom (I set the incense burner in the tub) with no windows to minimize external light sources. 1/250s, f8, ISO 100. It wasn’t pretty but it worked…

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