Day Fifty-One



It’s a winter wonderland, but I’m being a big whiner and currently failing to see the wonder in it, at all.  This morning we woke up to 8+ inches of snow with blustery winds and some pretty impressive drifts out back. All of the larger school districts across the front range were closed and they anticipated about a foot by end of day. I definitely didn’t feel like driving in it, yet I also didn’t feel like photographing anything indoors either. I figured with all of that white stuff pouring down it would be an ideal day to try my hand again at a snowflake pic…no one told me the colder it is the smaller the flake…

I didn’t head out this morning, figuring I might have better luck if I waited for the winds to die down. I waited, and waited, and waited…Finally I stopped waiting and schlepped out in the mess to attempt a pic. When there was a lull in the gusts, and I was lucky enough to land an intact flake, it was so tiny that it was really hard to see and, even worse, the structures weren’t all that impressive. I managed to grab a few shots, and selected this pic because it has a wide variety and arrays of crystal shapes and structures. I’ll definitely do this again, but I think I may wait until Spring when the temperatures are warmer and the flakes are fluffier, and larger.

Taken on my Canon 6D with a Macro lens, settings on TV,  2s and ISO 100 (I used a tripod and remote clicker)

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” Bo Jackson


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