Day Fifty-Seven


All day long I couldn’t wait to get outside, take a nice long walk and try and capture the winter sky. After yesterday’s frustration with lighting at the bowling alley, I desperately felt the need for redemption to both lift my spirits and get me to feeling back on track.  I knew today would be busy, and sure enough, I had to really hustle to get to my spot before I lost all the best lighting to dusk.

If you know me really well, then you know I swear like a truck stop waitress.  If there would have been anyone out on the trail with me today they would have heard an earful.  I detest wind almost as much as I detest tardiness and bad behavior, but I digress, once I moved above the ridgeline there was no more shelter from the wind and it howled and roared at me. There were times I literally had to anchor my tripod with my body weight for fear it may blow over.  I was not impressed with the conditions, but the colors were fantastic so I just kept clicking and resetting, moving and refocusing.

I captured a few shots that really made me happy, and with a renewed sense of confidence, I’m smiling as I post today’s pic…

Shot with my Canon 6D using my EF 24-105 mm 1:4 L IS USM Lens, Manual settings at 1/10s, f13, ISO 200 – photo taken just outside of Boulder, CO looking NW

“Live your passion…don’t just dream about it.” unknown

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