Day Seventy



Growing up I really wanted to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder for my undergrad studies. I certainly didn’t have the grades for it and I probably wouldn’t have done well there, but it was highly regarded and the boy I had a major crush on during my junior and senior years in high school was going so, to me, it seemed the logical choice. I didn’t end up attending CU Boulder and honestly today was the first time I ever wandered the campus grounds. It was beautiful, it was deserted except for a few homeless folks and the occasional campus police car.  For a brief moment the campus was mine…

I brought both cameras and multiple lens and spent an hour early this morning just wandering around snapping pics of the ivies, arches and interesting lines. It’s a lovely campus and I will most certainly be back again, though I will most likely wait until the students return. Sure the buildings are fantastic, but the people, well I’m sure they will certainly add to the ambiance.  I couldn’t decide between these two photos, and since it’s my blog, I decided to post both!

Both photos were taken with my Canon 6D using my EF 24-105 lens, set on Manual at 1/40s, f10, ISO 125 freehand

“There is great beauty in simplicity.” unknown



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