Day Seventy-Four



I’ve said it before on this blog and I imagine I’ll say it many times again…I find great joy watching people pursue their passions…I enjoy seeing people push their limits, challenge their boundaries, completely and without abandon, immerse themselves in doing whatever it is that they love to do.

Personally, ice climbing is not my idea of a good time. I’m not afraid of tasting fear; I’ve willingly jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, I’ve gone way too fast on way too many occasions down treacherous mountain passes on nothing but my road bike, I’ve seen both mountain lions and bears up close and personal in their element (remember Carpenter’s Peak Mom?). Hell I even did an Ironman and flashed a genuine smile as I crossed the finish line, but I would never, ever, not for thousands of dollars climb up an ice wall by myself anchored only by something that resembles common string more than rope.  

This photo was snapped this morning around 8:30am MST right off of Highway 119 heading up to Blackhawk, CO. Taken with my Canon 6D handheld (there was no room for a tripod on the side of the highway)

 “Just go for it, run towards it, dive in head first, live life with no regrets, put your heart out there, don’t be scared, you might get hurt, but it’s all worth it in the end…Cause the best is yet to come.” Hinder


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