Day Seventy-Five


I will admit that I woke up feeling less than jazzed about the snow today, and that, coupled with a few other early frustrations could have completely derailed my day. Instead, I paused for a few moments, made a list of all that was amazing in my life and felt an overwhelming wave of gratitude pour over me. It may be cheesy, but hell I don’t care, I am just so damn grateful every day that I’m able to do this thing, this project, this really cool, though sometimes frustrating challenge…

I decided to take advantage of the big fluffy flakes and practice my macro technique.  I really like that the sun very briefly popped out for a few shots and provided some great natural lighting giving a nice glow to some of the pics.

Taken with my Canon 6D and 100mm macro lens with +1 magnifying filter – settings at Manual 1/30s, f4.5, ISO 100 (tripod remote clicker and lots and lots of takes)

“If you want to be happy, be.” unknown


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