Morning's Pink Glory…day 79


I laughed at myself this morning as I cussed out the early sunrise. I’ve been whining about winter and complaining about the grey skies, short days, etc. and I was completely caught off guard when the sun rose a bit earlier than I expected. The days are getting longer by just a few minutes at a time, but I felt it this morning and I hurried and hustled across an open field to catch the last bits of pink in the sky (there wasn’t even time for a tripod).

After I captured a few shots and the lighting had changed, I wandered around in the empty open space and found myself wondering if I will regret leaving Colorado (I have faith it’s only a matter of time before we convince the entire fam to relocate) when we do eventually move on. It’s not that I don’t find it spectacular, I do, how could you not? It’s just a bit too over-crowded and pricey and frankly I think there are many more adventures to have and places we still need to live.

Taken just outside of Superior, CO right off of the Coalton Trail at sunrise today

Photo taken with my Canon 6D camera set on Manual at 1/30s, f7.1, ISO 400 using an EF 24-105mm lens

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.” Mandy Hale

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