Vader’s 5K…day 80

Day 801-1

Day 80

There’s this amazing photographer in the UK who is also doing a 365 project, but his project is different from any other I’ve seen so far, all of his photos include “The Legographer”. The Legographer is a standard LEGO dude equipped with a tiny little LEGO camera and the LEGO guy is incorporated into all of his photos. Every day he heads out in search of his picture he brings the Legographer with him and when he finds a good location, snaps a picture of the Legographer in action with his Iphone. It’s awesome.

Inspired by this, I decided to make use of the fact that my hubby is both a huge Star Wars fan (love that about him) and a huge fan of LEGOs. This one is for him…

Taken with my Canon 6D using my Macro lens and a tripod (and way too much time…)

“Sometimes, you just have to create your own sunshine.” unknown

3 thoughts on “Vader’s 5K…day 80

  1. NJ Sundby

    I hate to say I love one post more than another because I have loved so many of them, but if I did, this one would have to be near the top, if not the top one. What fun!!!


  2. David

    I have always appreciated your creativity and the natural ability that you frame your pictures. However, Vader’s 5K caused me to feel joy and awe at your vision. I love the race bibs and headbands and treeline, but mostly am impressed with how you captured the action around the finish line with legos. I feel badly for 2nd place, as they are just too slow and they knew it!!! 🙂


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