How have I not been here before?…day 85

Eldorado Canyon State Park

Colorado is rich with National, State, City, and County parks spread throughout the state, it’s odd, but to me each one feels a little different and there are vast differences in the landscape and terrain as you venture across the state. Being raised here I began hiking at a young age and have a deep passion for both hiking and trail running. Usually very frequent hikers and runners, my husband and I hadn’t gotten up into the mountains for some time and honestly we had no excuse for not getting out, so today we took advantage of a day away from work to hit a local State Park for a hike.

Eldorado Canyon is a short 9 mile jaunt from our house in Superior, and just 3 miles from the HWY 170 and HWY 93 intersection just outside of Marshall.  It’s a narrow, bumpy road that snakes through the sleepy little town of Eldorado Springs where time appears to have slowed down and the people all wave as you try to dodge them (they all walk down the middle of the road as there are no sidewalks).  As you wind up into the park there’s a self pay station ($3 USD per person for the day) where you can grab a map or take a look at their large map board and plot your trails.

We drove all the way in and parked by the ranger station and set off up the Eldorado Canyon trail. About a mile up we took the break off trail to hit the Boulder field of the Rincon Wall. Rincon Wall is one of the more challenging rock climbing walls in the area and from what I hear pretty well traveled. Today the wall was closed to climbers (open to hikers only) as re-vegetation efforts are in place. We hiked up to get a peak at the view and were welcomed with beautiful views of the canyon below and I was able to capture a few shots.

The hike is steep, but scenic with a very well maintained trail (though I must admit the downhill was much more enjoyable minus the icy conditions).  We’ve lived in Superior over a year and never made it up to the Canyon, but now that we have we will most certainly be back…perhaps in the spring when the climbers are in action…

Both photos were taken with my Canon 6D using my EF 24-105mm lens, the first with a tripod, the second without.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing your lawn.  Climb that goddamn mountain.”  Jack Kerouac



2 thoughts on “How have I not been here before?…day 85

  1. yoyodreams

    Absolutely love the landscape shot! The framing and lines is so great – All these beautiful colliding triangle shapes, just amazing


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