I can't help it, I'm a sucker for talent…day 89



It is 63 degrees in Denver today, and everyone who can be outside, is outside. I worked in downtown Denver for years and Friday afternoon is the absolute best time to be out people watching. A Friday afternoon in the dead of winter with 63 degrees and sunshine, well lookout, because everyone gets their crazy on. I was already out and about as I had grabbed a birthday lunch with my parents to celebrate my Mom’s birthday and I knew as I drove by downtown on my way home I would be stopping with both cameras in tow…

I didn’t even make it a quarter mile into the city when a skate park caught my eye and I knew that would be my photo today, the place was hopping. I must say it’s difficult to blend in when you’re the only person over 30, and today, the only female, but I smiled and asked for photos and the boys didn’t disappoint…

Snapped with my Canon 6D, EF 24-105mm lens set to 1/400, f6.3, ISO 160

“The best memories comes from the craziest ideas…” unknown


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