An embarrassment of riches from which to choose…


Day 95

A visit to Pearl Street Mall wasn’t in my original plans, but lucky for me the Universe had other plans for me today, and for that I am thoroughly grateful.  You see it was 62 degrees in Boulder, CO today and the city was buzzing underneath the sunny skies.  Everywhere I looked people were smiling and laughing, sunning and visiting, and everyone even seemed a little friendlier.  I was lucky enough to see a rather talented couple practicing their ballroom dance moves in front of a Shambala center, I cheerfully watched a class of preschoolers having a picnic on the courthouse lawn while playing duck duck goose and there were even a few rarely seen weekday buskers out performing for change.

It seemed like everyone was out in the sunshine wearing smiles and short sleeves.  Well, everyone that is except for this fellow.  He had to be my picture, the lone individual without a smile, the lone one resting in the shadows.

Snapped with my Canon 6D manual settings at 1/640, f4, ISO 500 with a negative 2 flash exposure compensation and monochrome picture style

“Remember that everyone you meet wears an invisible sign. It reads-Notice me. Make me feel important.” unknown

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