Does anyone remember who lived here…?


Day 96

If you can identify this house you’re probably not a millennial. You probably grew up in the seventies with a handful of channels and you probably loved the ridiculous show that made the sayings “Na-Nu Na-Nu”, “Shazbot”, and “KO” standard vernacular for the time.  You knew this house front and had heard of Boulder, CO only because of an Orkan…

If you guessed the house used for the exterior shots for the short lived, but much revered, Mork & Mindy show you are right.  At the time it was shot Robin Williams was an unknown comic, and the show, though quite ridiculous, introduced us to a comedic genius.  I loved the opening sequence of Mindy driving around in her jeep and I thought her house had the greatest front porch ever.

I knew the house existed and I knew it was only a matter of time before it landed on my blog.  It looks a little different, a little worn, but the house is well known in these parts.  When Robin Williams passed, the house became a makeshift memorial and fans paid their respect for weeks with flowers, candles and prayers.  I wasn’t the only one taking photos of the house which surprised me, but I wasn’t surprised that everyone snapping pics was at least as old as me and we were all smiling…

“The 1970’s-No knee pads, helmets, brakes or over cautious soccer moms.  It’s just how we rolled.” unknown

One thought on “Does anyone remember who lived here…?

  1. hawkhamilton

    Jeez…. I was a big Mork and Mindy fan and never recognised it. Also a lifelong admirer of Robin Williams’ work. However I knew it wasn’t in Scotland, the blue sky gave it away. Thanks for that………….brings back fond memories.

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