If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies…


Day 104

I will start off by saying that I’m not an insect or spider fan.  If it creeps or crawls I’m typically not interested, and that includes moths and caterpillars too.  The only “bug” I look forward to seeing (other than lady bugs) are butterflies.  Lucky for me, just 15 minutes from my house is a butterfly conservatory that houses over 1600 butterflies, tarantulas, a variety of sea creatures and an absolutely incredible tropical garden.

I made my reservation to attend one of the conservatory’s “tripod Saturdays” about a month ago.  A $15 fee provides early access and full reign of the entire facility for an hour before the general public arrives.  I lined at 7:45am with 19 other photographers with no idea of what to expect.  When I walked through the massive double doors leading inside the butterfly area the humid air hit me right in the face, but it was a welcome respite from Colorado’s arid climate.  As I rounded the first corner of the path that winds through the garden I saw the first butterflies slowly fluttering about.  Another corner brought flowers, lush greens I haven’t seen since September, and the most incredible array of butterflies I could have ever imagined…

Both photos were snapped on my Canon 6D camera using my EF 24-105 lens and spot metering

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it turned into a butterfly.” unknown


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