Expression is natural, concrete is not…


Day 105

I spend most of my idle time trying to drum up fresh photo ideas for my blog, and yesterday I had an inspirational moment that prompted a web search for street art and murals around town.  I know I’ve read articles from a local publication discussing the differences between street art and graffiti, but I must admit that I hadn’t really ever paid much attention or really had any interest.

Not having any idea where to begin my search, I simply googled “street art”.  I couldn’t believe the sheer volume of websites, organizations, artists, and discussions I found. There are festivals, contests, partnerships, and coveted so called “best spots”, and of course their opinions.  People who say “street art” is nothing more than glorified graffiti, passionate artists with (in my opinion anyway) real talent, and many more (like me) who had no idea it was really a “thing”.

These pics were taken in the heart of the “Rino” Neighborhood in Denver, just west of Five Points.  Capturing the bold colors and raw beauty of these images proved more challenging than I anticipated.  Many of the paintings lined alleyways, tucked away in shaded corners and darkened spaces, there were so many that I couldn’t choose just one for today.  I could have spent hours wandering around this morning, but it was cold, windy and we had places to go…



Taken with my Canon 6D, EF 24-105mm lens

“Art is not a crime.” unknown



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