I made the biggest amateur mistake today, and I laughed about it…


Viewbug1 copy2

Day 106

It’s no longer a simple process to exit my residence.  There is no running out the door all “willy nilly” (love that saying). Life as I know it during this 365 project requires planning and preparation to ensure I bring along the appropriate camera, desired lens, preferred tripod for said lens and, probably most importantly, power for those Cameras…

This morning I was trying to organize all of my things while distracted (I had an interview and my brain was elsewhere) and I haphazardly grabbed camera gear and threw it in the backseat.   I mean I knew where I was going to shoot and what I wanted to shoot so I figured I was good, but I headed out the door in a flurry of disorganization and distraction.  After my interview I made my way over to my pre-selected location, grabbed a camera, and with the sun shining and virtually no wind I was absolutely thrilled to get to it, that is until I realized my camera wouldn’t turn on. Turns out I left my batteries (all of them) at home nestled snuggly in their chargers.  After dropping a few F bombs, I stomped back to my car and headed home.

So in lieu of my original plan, I figured I’d give minimalism another chance and grabbed this shot near my house.

Taken with my Canon 6D, EF 24-105 lens set to 1/60, f8, ISO 125 (no tripod, though in retrospect I probably should have used one with such a slow shutter speed)

“It makes me happy to know that none of get a how-to guide – we’re all just kind of winging it…” unknown

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