Acorn-Denver, The Forney and Family…


Day 110

Today was another beautiful day in Denver that was made even better by good company, a delicious lunch, and a trip to the Forney Museum of Transportation.

When my parents retired a few years back, they left sunny California for the familiar surroundings of Denver, and to be in closer proximity to their first, and only, grandchild (and probably my sister and I too).  For me, that move has provided an amazing opportunity to get to know my parents as more than just my parents; I know them as people now too.  It’s also given me the unique opportunity to hear more stories from their childhoods, to ask questions I didn’t think to ask when I was younger, to learn more about their parents and grandparents and just to have day-to-day time with them, which was something we never had before.

Today we met at Acorn for an early lunch.  Acorn ranks high on my “favorites” list as the atmosphere is interesting, the service solid and the food is a nice contemporary blend that focuses on flavors and colors.  The restaurant itself is located in the “Source”, a reclaimed 1880’s foundry turned new epicurean marketplace.

After we finished a very nearly perfect meal, we ventured about a mile east on Brighton Blvd to the Forney Museum of Transportation.  The Forney has over 600 artifacts, a collection that includes all types of transportation vehicles; everything from antique tractors to Locomotives, Stagecoaches to bikes and trikes and my favorites, the classic cars.

I enjoyed our time wandering through the exhibits, and it’s obvious that the people who work there take pride and care of the unique museum.  It was quiet, we were the first to arrive and only a few others were in the museum while we were there.  It was so quiet I wondered how the heck they manage to stay afloat, but they are a non-profit and are also sponsored by a handful of locally run vintage car clubs.

Today I chose a variety of photos and used both my Canon 6D with an EF 24-105 lens and my Canon 60D with my 35mm lens. I found that the challenge was really in the lighting and dodging the chained off exhibits, the former could be fixed with a tripod and slower shutter speed but the chains and angles are what they are I suppose, still, I will go back.

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” George Bernard Shaw

MomandDad Forney_edited-1
“My Parents”





3 thoughts on “Acorn-Denver, The Forney and Family…

  1. Nancy Hix

    You are an amazing photographer. I love your pictures and I love your parents, great picture of them. Keep up your great work😀

    Liked by 1 person

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