Every love story is beautiful.


Day 112

Since today is all about love, I’ll share a small bit of my tale of love…

My first date with my husband was September 28, 2006.  We met for coffee, he was recently divorced, a little damaged, I was in the midst of being stalked by an ex who wouldn’t let go.  I think we both felt a little bruised, burned and damaged by our past relationships, but something clicked between us, there was a spark neither of us could deny.  Coffee became dinner, dinner stretched on until the restaurant closed and we didn’t stop talking for hours.  We both laid our cards out on the table, disclosed things we thought the other should know, neither ran and before we could take a breathe we were both in love.

We will both admit that our journey together has sometimes been painful, and certainly far from perfect, but it is ours, and through all of our highs and lows, triumphs and short-falls we have grown stronger, become better people and learned to trust love again.  For this, I’m forever grateful to my sweet babe…

Taken about .5 miles from our house in Superior, CO with my Canon 60D, 35mm lens, AV at f8.0, ISO 640 (tripod)

“Something tells me I’m going to love him until I take my last breath…” This one’s mine

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