From Chemical Weapons to Wildlife Refuge, Revisited…


Day 118

Today was another glorious sunny day in the Mile High City, and I took the opportunity to soak up as many rays as my body could handle. Unfortunately my husband had to work the majority of the day, but he and I were able to escape for a few hours this afternoon and I thought he might enjoy the Rocky Mountain Arsenal as much as I did when I first went in January, and well, he did.

My husband also grew up in the Denver area, and he hadn’t made it out for a visit before today.  I laughed as he echoed the facial expressions I wore and words I uttered during my first trip.  Is it really out here, are there animals?  What the hell?  And then he saw what I saw, buffalo roaming where they once had with the Rocky Mountains in the background, mule deer able to roam freely without fear of being hit by cars or chased by dogs. Glorious rolling prairies meeting bright blue skies, the way nature intended before concrete and steel altered the landscape.

He loved it as much as I did, and as we relaxed and watched the sun drop over the ponds and creeks we were brought back to reality with the ringing of his work phone…

Again today I used both cameras, multiple lenses and a tripod for all shots. The second photo is my first attempt at HDR photography and I posted it so I can watch my progress, but tomorrow I commit to an HDR specific photo and post!

“Life isn’t about making others happy, it’s about sharing your happiness with others.” Voltaire






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