The people I met and the things I saw on a random Tuesday in Downtown Denver, CO…

Day 121

Leftover Holiday decorations near the Denver Pavilions.

“Hanging onto the Holidays”

Sometimes when people see my camera they ask me to take their picture but rarely do they pose.  This character made me laugh as he tried out a variety of poses before deciding on this one.

“The Comic”

On the 16th Street Mall I met this little guy waiting for the bus.


Our beautiful revitalized Union Station.

“The B&W Shot”

A florist inside Union Station.

“A Splash of Color”

A friendly group of Denver Firefighters who graciously agreed to a candid pic while chatting in Union Station.

IMG_9107 copy
“The Tough Guys”

A view that sparked gratitude and compassion in me.

“The Sleeper”

I had to get closer; I had to know who was resting under the mound of dirty blankets hidden away under a bridge.  I noticed there was a nearby police officer so I waved to him and he watched as I went over to stir the sleeper very gently.  I just wanted to ask if I could take the sleeper’s photo and offer a bit of breakfast.  Much to my surprise he woke up and flashed me this smile.  I gave him a snack I had packed and the last $2 in my pocket.  I sat down with him while he ate and we talked politics, travel and photography.  I noticed the old bottle of vodka next to him and briefly saw shame flash across his face when he saw me notice, then appreciation when I conveyed no judgment.

When he finished his breakfast I told him I had to go and I offered my hand as I wanted to officially meet my breakfast companion.  His name was Robert, I told him mine and I stood up, said goodbye and wandered off.  It was the best part of my day and my favorite interaction to date in this project.


All pictures were taken using my Canon 6D camera and 35mm lens.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive.” Dalai Lama

5 thoughts on “The people I met and the things I saw on a random Tuesday in Downtown Denver, CO…

  1. Bonnie

    So, the old ones from DL came to visit and celebrate- they are both great people and fun to visit with and enjoy the time with them –

    Liked by 1 person

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