Days like this, well they’re just perfect…


Day 133

I’ve found that there are places you go in life that just make you feel good in every sense of the word.  The type of place where you feel welcomed, at ease, accepted for who, what and where you’re at in each moment.  Meetings provide that for me, other places sometimes do too, but nowhere do I feel more welcomed in each moment, regardless of where I’m at emotionally, than I do at my sister and brother-in-law’s home.

“Mrs. Beaks & Midnight”

I love that it’s usually busy and crazy and that it’s filled with the noisiness and messiness of a happy childhood.  Every time I walk in the door a happy puppy runs to greet me, an exuberant niece yells “Aunty” running to hug me and check for prizes and presents.  Food is always available, whether recently prepared, or in the cooking or baking process and the chickens (who knew they made such fun pets) are usually lined up outside the patio door, always clucking, always hoping for attention and treats.  I love my time there and when I leave, it’s always reluctantly.

Day 13310

This morning I headed over to my sister’s for a run that was followed by play time with the puppy and chickens, some snuggle time with a sleepy little girl who excitedly recounted stories of her very first sleep over at a friend’s house (there probably wasn’t much actual sleeping), a wide variety of nibbles and treats and some much needed laughter and family time.  There was chaos, noise, burned bacon and endless questions of when the new bacon would be finished, but most importantly there was laughter, joy, and what I consider to be complete bliss….


All photos were taken with my Canon 6D using my Canon EF 24-105mm lens (handheld)

“A House is made of bricks & beams, but a Home is made of hopes & dreams…” unknown

Day 1313 166
“Making mud pies”



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