Insert a deep dramatic sigh here…


Day 135

I’ve been out near this place before to photograph the views, reflections and some of the nearby homes, but today’s visit was different than my previous visits.  Today’s trip was filled with a profound sense of sadness as I realized that our dreams of getting to a place like this with space and of leaving the busy city are further away than they were even just a few weeks ago.

My life is filled with blessings, love and people and things that make me so, so grateful that if I ignore that gratitude I know it’s wrong.  Yet my soul needs more space, less people and more room to roam, and it fills me with conflict.  For now, we will stay put, grateful for all we have, but I will continue to dream of the day when we can escape the busy crowded city for good…

With that I post today’s photo of a gorgeous stable north of Boulder, CO that I captured on my Canon 6D using in-camera HDR settings.

“Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but it’s more difficult to regret.” unknown




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