It all started with a box of chocolates…

Day 137

I’m a bit of a sugar junkie, and while I realize that it’s not a healthy addition to my diet, I refuse to give it up.  I will eat the ordinary grocery store variety chocolates, but I find Sees brand to be my most favorite and I will drive any distance to get what I like.  So I will admit to feeling a bit annoyed to find a line at my favorite candy store after I sat in traffic for what felt like forever just to get there.  While waiting, I decided to check out what folks were up to on Facebook and was inspired by my Aunts’ posts.  They are currently in Jerusalem visiting my cousin and her husband who live in Gaza and they had posted beautiful photos of local markets, Camel rides, and sites I can only dream of hoping to see one day… While I can’t go see Jerusalem right now, I decided to go out and see, and share, more of my city with everyone on this fine Thursday.  So off I went with my fresh box of chocolates safely in tow to see what was happening in Denver today…

I started at Confluence Park which is usually an area filled with activity and people, but the entire area was under construction.  All of the rentable bikes sat unused in their stalls.


The nearby paths usually abuzz with bikes and pedestrians, were empty.


Bored with the complete lack of activity, I relocated to a more central part of the city and things did get more interesting…


He was by far the crabbiest leprechaun I’ve ever run across, I can only guess that he was getting ready for St. Patty’s day, but the gal in the skantily clad outfit behind him nearly stole the show.


I guess I’m relieved he still had his pot of gold…

On my way to check my meter I met Rigley, yep – it was love.  Adorable.


The next spot was a place I’ve never photographed, and never really walked up close to either.  It’s a part of a local businesses architecture plan, but I think it’s a cool addition to our skyline…and I love the reflection in the building and extreme blue hue.



My feet were sore from all the walking and I was in need of respite and perhaps a bite to eat.  I knew my favorite Union Station coffee shop was also known for tea so I grabbed a chair and enjoyed a tea latte and chocolate chip cookie while I perused my images which I thought had to include a shot of this gorgeous flower shop too…


On my way out of Union Station I stopped for another shot of the unique structures that surround the station…


As I walked back to my car I was reminded of why I only visit the city…

Day13717 (1 of 1)

To me this image can be summed up simply as heartbreaking…are we so callous as people and as a society that we don’t even stop for a man laying on the ground?  Look, I’m no hero, but I checked to make sure he was alive and didn’t need help and I gave him my last dollar.  I know it doesn’t solve anything, but I couldn’t go to sleep tonight in my warm, safe, clean bed with a clear conscience if I didn’t do something…

I used both my Canon 60D and 6D and my 50mm and 24-105mm lenses today, all images were taken without a tripod.

“A city is a large community where people are lonesome together.” Herbert Prochnow



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