Never lose an opportunity to see anything beautiful…

Day 1424
1/500s, f8, ISO 800

Day 142

Learning to relax and go with the flow has saved me from frustration and disappointment more times than I can count.  Today’s plans required last minute adjustments so my original plans for my photo were a no go.  I improvised and decided that since I knew I would be in Boulder around lunch time I would head up Boulder Canyon to see what might inspire me.

As I headed up the winding road towards Nederland I noticed the temperature gauge dropping.  Dropping might not be right, I should say plummeting and I only had a t-shirt and lightweight hoodie with me.  After nearly a lifetime living in Colorado I should know better, with every couple hundred or so feet of elevation gain there is usually a slight temperature variation and it’s usually tends to be colder the higher you climb.  Sure enough about 15 minutes up the canyon the budding trees gave way to fresh snowfall and temps in the low twenties.

I found two locations that I felt warranted photos and both are posted with settings underneath in the caption area.

Taken using my Canon 6D and EF 24-105mm lens – too cold for tripod set-up so both were taken handheld.

Day 1412
1/250s, f8, ISO 400

“God is the best artist, his art is unique.” A.A

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