We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too…


Day 145

Growing up, I spent as much time as I could with my nose buried within the pages of a book.  I’m not sure when the reading bug bit, but once it did I couldn’t get my hands on enough books.   I could go through a book in just a few days and once done, I was ready to dive right into another.  I remember in grade school my classmates would head outside after lunch to play, and I would head to the library to meet with my book club.  I loved it, it provided me the chance to be really good at something, and I felt safe and confident within the small group.  We read books above our grade levels and most of us read our own books in addition to the group’s selection.

I struggled both socially and academically in junior high, but my love of reading continued.  I might not have my math homework complete, heck I probably didn’t even have it started, but you could bet I was in the middle of at least one or two Stephen King or Dean Koontz books at all times.  My academics never did really improve as I moved on to high school.  Outside of reading, playing soccer and getting into trouble I really didn’t do much to enrich my learning.  I graduated and wandered around in life, but I always did so with books in hand.

Over the past five to six years I will admit that I have completely stopped reading.  The stories I couldn’t get enough of previously, now just seemed filled with horror, suspense, drama, and emotions that stress me out, and I find no enjoyment.  I guess my soul sees and feels enough of those things on a daily basis that frankly, I just can’t take anymore.

I created today’s picture in hopes that holding all of our books, skimming the pages and remembering some of the stories may re-ignite that passion in me once again.

Taken with my Canon 60D, EF 18-135mm lens, edited with Photomatix HDR software

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one.” George RR Martin

4 thoughts on “We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too…

  1. Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread

    I worked hard in school but didn’t do a lot of recreational reading except for pop magazines. Once I hit mid life, I picked up the reading bug and have been bitten ever since. I usually have two books going at all times and at least a dozen on reserve at the library. But, I do limit how many news programs I watch.

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  2. David

    This photo is amazing – I love the colors and almost can smell the pages. A great picture the reminded me of great memories. Thanks!


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