My most favorite days are days filled with family and food…


Day 178

In today’s case this included a delicious brunch with my parents at the Universal off of 38th and Federal in Denver, CO. With the recent storms we hadn’t been able to connect for a bit, and it was nice to spend a relaxing and enjoyable brunch just visiting, laughing and catching-up.  We eventually wrapped up our visit, my parents headed off to run errands, and I decided a visit to Red Rocks was in order, so I headed west.

I haven’t been to Red Rocks in about 15 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever really spent time there while sober.  Maybe I should stop there and briefly mention that Red Rocks is a geologically formed, open-air outdoor Amphitheater in nearby Morrison, CO where concerts are held.  It’s a very, very, cool place to see a concert, bordering on epic, and I’ve seen everyone from John Denver, to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, to The Steve Miller Band rock out there over the past several decades.  I had plans today for a grand photo showcasing the natural amphitheater (it’s amazing, I’ll go back), but there was a concert slated for tonight in celebration of 4/20 (marijuana is legal here, um, I guess enough said) and large areas of the park were already roped off.  I tried to get close to the stage, but security told me not to take photos of the bands setting up, and since I tend to follow the rules these days, I obliged.  I did manage to capture this shot looking east over the rocks towards the Denver skyline before the announcement rang over the loudspeakers that it was time for us to leave so they could prepare for tonight’s concert goers…

On a completely unrelated note, and because I was totally amused, I also included a second shot for today.  I about fell over laughing this morning when I opened the garage door and saw this big fat rabbit chowing down on the biggest wad of grass I’ve ever seen a rabbit eat. Seriously, could he jam any more grass into his mouth?  He didn’t care that I was there – he just kept chomping away…yep, that’s the stuff that makes me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt…


“I’m not weird.  I’m limited edition.” unknown


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