The cutting room floor…

"The Lazy Giant"
“The Lazy Giant”

Day 180

Some days the creative juices just won’t flow and I find myself digging through garage and basement storage bins in search of potential photo subjects.  On really rough days, I end up driving around neighborhood parks and shopping centers (yes I know, this is strange behavior) in search of something, anything, that I think I can capture and tell a story around.

"Dandelion  Feathers"
“Dandelion Feathers”

I strive daily to create unique and fresh pictures to accompany my posts.  That said, after snapping a few what I would consider “pretty marginal” photos today, I decided that instead of being frustrated and struggling to make it happen, that I would display a showcase of my “runner-ups”.  The good, but what I considered at the time, the not so great.  What I chose for today is, in my opinion anyway, a nice compilation of pics that just didn’t make the final cut…Looking at them with fresh eyes, I actually don’t think I would “cut” any of them again.

"The perfect mural"
“The perfect mural”

“We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” unknown

"What you looking at lady"?
“What you looking at lady”?

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