My heart is full…

"Camera Shy"
“Camera Shy”

Day 181

In honor of National Picnic Day today, my family gathered at the youngest’s favorite park where we enjoyed some traditional picnic fare, lots of laughter and, of course, some play time. After bellies were full and errands beckoned, we departed and headed off in our own directions.  My husband and I were lucky enough to steal away time with our niece, and after we loaded the car and hit the road, I turned back to ask what she wanted to listen to on the radio.  I prepared myself for her past musical selections, and assumed she would want the XM Disney Station, but instead she requested Taylor Swift and I obliged (happily, I’m a huge fan).  As the song rolled she unabashedly belted out every word and I thought I would cry.  As I sat there watching her I could see that she was completely her own person with a style, presence and personality all her own.  I laughed as I thought that this crazy little maniac is someone that I would love to call a friend.  With tears welled in my eyes I joined her in song, and I’m pretty sure Taylor would have been proud.

I always respect people’s wishes when it comes to me photographing them, and Tessa really wasn’t interested in having her picture taken today so I snapped a few pics of her chickens and flowers and included just one of her digging in the sandbox in black suede boots, a shimmery unicorn tee and, of course, a matching headband…always stylin…


All pics taken with my Canon 6D and EF 24-105 L lens.

"Orangey goodness"
“Orangey goodness”

“Only an Aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend…”

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