Because a day without laughter is a day wasted…

"The Rebels taking over..."
“The Rebels taking over…”

Day 186

Taking a picture everyday for an entire year is actually quite an under-taking. It’s a little exhausting, a little stressful, and sometimes even a little bit of a drag.  Don’t get me wrong I love Photography, I’m enjoying this project and I really appreciate the folks following my blog, commenting, liking or just emailing me to cheer me on or provide feedback.  Still, there are days when the rain makes me want to take an indoor shot, boredom makes me want to be outside, and lack of inspiration leaves me feeling deflated.  When those days happen I really try and make myself laugh or smile and hopefully, if I do it right, I bring a laugh or smile to you too…

Taken with my Canon 60D and Macro lens, the first shot was done using 3 exposures combined into one in Photomatix, the other needed no editing.

"Even Vader needs a selfie stick..."
“Even Vader needs a selfie stick…”

“Once you realize that all problems can be solved using Star Wars quotes then we can be friends.” unknown

4 thoughts on “Because a day without laughter is a day wasted…

  1. Jessica Thomas

    This one made me smile. Who could see Darth Vader with a selfie stick and not laugh! And I love the quote.


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