To say that I had a lucky day with my camera today, well that would be an understatement…

Day 194

My husband and I were both off today, both a little creaky from a long bike ride yesterday, and both in need of a nice sun-filled walk to stretch the legs and warm our souls.  With that in mind, we hit the road early and headed for Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO completely oblivious to the fact that it was graduation day on the CU campus.  Traffic was ugly and parking was difficult, but the mall hummed with an excited energy I hadn’t felt before and I was thrilled that I had brought both of my cameras.  I was also very grateful that the folks I wanted to photograph were willing to allow me the opportunity to do so, and that they all radiated genuine happiness, love and joy…

This beautiful young woman, and very recent CU graduate, was sitting with her family on benches along the Mall decked out in her cap and gown – she beamed with excitement, her family, they beamed with pride.

"The Graduate I"
“The Graduate I”
"The Graduate II"
“The Graduate II”

A little further down the Mall I met Olive (her Momma calls her Olive Juice).  Olive is the baby of the family, born three months premature, this little gal had the most delicate, beautiful features. She was perfection and gracious enough to allow me to snap multiple photos of her and her beautiful Momma as they enjoyed the gorgeous Spring day…

"Olive & her Momma"
“Olive & her Momma”

“Family.  Where life begins & love never ends…” unknown

6 thoughts on “To say that I had a lucky day with my camera today, well that would be an understatement…

  1. spearfruit

    Yes, certainly a lucky day with the camera! The photos with Olive tell a story just in one picture – hope that makes sense! Thank you for sharing, I always look forward to your photo posts! Have a great weekend. 🙂


  2. mary

    this is my daughter in her graduation hat…best picture I have of that day…especially the one with her Dad. Thank you


  3. mary

    I am a parent of the graduate and you took a beautiful picture. Is there any way to download it or could you send it to me. The one with her dad is especially nice. thanks


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