“Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can…”

Day 215

I hoped that by today I would be feeling significantly better, I mean it’s been 4 days since my teeth were yanked out of my mouth and things should certainly be back to normal…right? Unfortunately that just isn’t the case, so alas, I faced another day of trying to find something interesting to photograph around our house.

Initially I wasn’t worried,last week I bought a whole mess of Praying Mantids that, by now, I figured would surely be hatched. Unfortunately, the instructions of “place in a warm dry window” and the checker’s assurances that I didn’t need to do anything were incorrect as the once writhing egg sacs were turning black with no indications of life.

Ok, enter plan B. We’ve had multiple families of baby bunnies gracing our small yard throughout the spring and all of them were so stinkin’ cute, small and fluffy I figured they could certainly work in a pinch, but the babies were much larger than I remembered and honestly they seemed annoyed with me when I once again pestered them with my lens.

"Oh good, you have your camera, again..."
“Oh good, you have your camera, again…”

Final plan was to see if the robin’s eggs had hatched. I opened the front door to survey the nest and was attacked by a very angry Mama Robin.  I thought I might be able to get a glimpse from the roof and somehow convinced my spouse to help me remove the screen from the second floor guest room. I crawled out onto the roof in my socks and snapped a few quick shots before the Mama Robin had kittens and chased me back indoors.

"Lady, don't make me come over there..."
“Lady, don’t make me come over there…”

I was at a complete loss and remembered that no one is grading my project, no one is giving me a pass or fail rating and sometimes I do what I can and know that tomorrow will yield many more opportunities to capture all that is wonderful in this world (provided that world cooperates…)

"You happy with yourself?  She's totally pissed."
“I hope you’re happy with yourself – She’s totally pissed.”

“Every survival kit should come with a sense of humor…” unknown





2 thoughts on ““Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can…”

  1. spearfruit

    Oh I love these photos and the captions! I was out this early morning doing some yard work and a possum was out looking at me like I was invading ‘his’ space. These creatures – they are funny sometimes. Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend and I hope you get to feeling better very soon! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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