Panning & Patience


Day 220

I figured that I was long overdue in trying something new, so today I ventured out in search of the perfect “panning” subject.

Panning is the horizontal movement of a camera as it scans a moving subject. When you pan, you’re moving your camera in synchronicity with your subject as it moves parallel to you. Sounds easy enough, right?

Boulder, CO is well-known for it’s health-centric and active lifestyle so I thought surely I could find plenty of people, on bikes or skateboards, moving around town. What I didn’t give thought to was that in addition to all of those people on bikes and boards, were a literal crap-load, of pedestrians mucking up my shots with all their walking around (I’m kidding, sort of).


While I’m not convinced this is the greatest thing I’ve ever captured, I do think that mastering this type of shot will serve me in my Race Photography jobs and could produce some really interesting shots in the future…

Both shots were taken using my Canon 6D, 24-105mm lens with settings on Manual at 1/30s, f8.0, ISO 200

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something…” Thomas Henry Huxley

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